Tuesday, November 20, 2012


And the vision that was planted in my brain; still remains; within the sound of silence. Paul Simon

Before you hold your next brainstorming session, keep in mind that these people would NOT have been enthusiastic participants

Albert Einstein
Warren Buffet
Frederic Chopin
Charles Darwin
Mahatma Gandhi
Al Gore
Isaac Newton
Larry Page
Rosa Parks
Eleanor Roosevelt
JK Rowling
Steven Spielberg
Steve Wozniak
George Orwell
Marcel Proust
Charles Schulz
WB Yeats
Dale Carnegie

They are among the long list of inventors, creators and leaders of change who are introverts. Learn more about them through Susan Cain at Quiet

And consider the next time you are assembling a creative team that it could BE different if some of your most powerful minds gather information from the group but are allowed to do their thinking alone.

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