Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm a tech entrepreneur, so it naturally follows that I....

bought an iPhone two years after they came out
print out documents to read
haven't bought a green anything
bought a plasma TV many years late
have yet to experience blue-ray
discovered facebook only because my students made me
and may one day understand why people like iPads

Yet, everyday of my professional career, I've gone to the office and tried to force change. Usually by beating my head against something and not often to my own benefit.

But the changes I've forced are a lot like the technologies that I finally adopted - they were well proven and I had little doubt that they would work. They had worked in a different industry or under different circumstances, but the risk to adopting them for my specific needs was small.

So I've never had to lay claim to an original idea to drive change. Rather, I've looked around the world, noticed what was happening, what was changing and said with confidence

"it could BE different"

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  1. I like this post Ken, like it very much!! Thanks!